How to manage your leadership auto-pilot?

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“Perhaps you can change that font and color on that slide there”, I hear myself telling one of my team members. There I went again, trying to add some marginal value and get an internal fix of being productive. Looking at the face of my colleague, I just realized that my ‘added value’ wasn’t worth it and I probably reduced … Read More

Adrenalin-energy, a long-term risk for executives?

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Adrenalin Energy

It’s 8pm, you take another expresso, your heart rate increases, you tense your shoulders and you are ready for a few more hours of work to finish that client proposal… One thing that we often observe in senior executives is a habit of using adrenalin-based energy to drive results. Also when stepping into corporate offices, we often sense a collective … Read More

Our fear of contentment

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our fear of contentment

“Are you happy?” Recently, I asked my client this question on day 1 of our executive coaching retreat. He said: “yeah, I think I am quite happy.” I responded: “I am not interested how happy you think you are, but really how happy do you feel?” “Well, I feel pretty successful. I think I am contributing great things in this … Read More