Developing collaboration and communication skills at the senior level

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The Problem

One of Asia’s fastest growing asset management firms was struggling to get the talented individuals at the MD and Executive levels to communicate more effectively between each other and create a culture of collaboration at the top. The resulted in a silo mentality that was having a negative impact on overall organisational effectiveness.

The Solution

We conducted 36 in depth stakeholder interviews to get a true understanding of the different perspectives within the organisation around each of the participants behaviours, specifically as they related to communication and collaboration. This was followed with a 3 day offsite at our retreat centre in Chiangmai Thailand. Each individual went through a process to help them become conscious and aware of the limiting behaviour patterns that were holding them back from being a collaborative team. They then developed ways to support each other in the change process. 3 months of follow up coaching was used to in bed the new behaviours back in the working environment.


100% rated the program useful or very useful

Feedback from key stakeholders suggested that new levels of collaboration and team work were being achieved. Based on the success a second leadership team are also now embarking on the program.

  I find that I’m more engaging and better able to give attention to people. I’ve stopped bringing my phone to meetings and I’ve really tried to get in touch with co-workers and be more open and ask questions

  I find it easier to give feedback to team members and convey the message in a more effective manner

  The learning in this workshop applied to both personal and work life. I made me realize how I normally operated in my old pattern (auto-pilot) and provided me with a new perspective on using mindfulness to catch my own patterns and then be able to change those behaviours.